Micro-Peeling Cellulaire

Scalp scrub

KWD 18.000


Micro-Peeling Cellulaire, for sensitive scalp prone to dandruff.

Scalp Peeling - Silicone-Free - Purifying - Soothing - Dandruff
STEP 1 Apply to wet hair before shampoo. STEP 2 Add water and emulsify. STEP 3 Rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly. If irritation occurs reduce the frequency of use.
✔ Scalp is purified and breathable without stripping* ✔ Roots are lifted* ✔ Eliminates all visible dandruff* ✔ Hair is revitalized** 74% said it ensures a better quality of life the morning after 87% said their scalp sensitivity is reduced*** 91% - overall satisfaction*** 92% said it deeply cleanses sclap*** 97% said the hair is healthy-looking*** 97% said it removes appearance of dandruff***
for sensitive scalp prone to dandruff.