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Amal's Story

The story of Amal is full of hope as she overcame all her life the struggles and obstacles until she reached the level of success she had always aspired for. After her father's death, Amal endured difficult circumstances and decided to move from Iran to Kuwait to take care of her small family.

Amal has always adored the art world and has been a talented painter since her early years. Despite her dream of pursuing a law degree, she later excelled in engineering. Amal faced several family and financial issues while working in Kuwait as a beautician. She switched jobs between many salons until she settled in La Plus Belle Salon, where she learnt hair care and styling. Even in these challenging times, it helped Amal forge her personality, enhance her strong independent attitudes and develop a sharp attention to details and focus on the big picture.

Our Story

Story of Amal Brazilian Salon

Amal loves adventures, new experiences and most importantly, change. For every stage of her life, Amal had a different look, a different hair color, and a different haircut. Amal once dyed her hair light blonde, which damaged her hair, forcing her to cut it. Her love for long hair pushed her to look for hair extensions in Kuwait. However, getting her hands on premium quality extensions was harder than she expected since synthetic wigs don’t last for more than a month.

Amal decided to learn and master the secrets of installing hair extensions and kept developing her own methods until she came up with the best installation method. Amal Salon offers the best and most gentle way to install natural hair extensions in Kuwait, which remain beautifully intact without harming the natural hair. Amal opened her first salon branch in the Sabah Al-Salem area in 2018. The remarkable success of this branch encouraged her to expand and open her second branch in 2021 in the Al-Riggae area, specializing in hair loss, hair treatments, and styling.