Spécifique Divalent Argile Équilibrante Hair Cleansing Clay

Scalp scrub

KWD 23.000


A detox clay that deeply, yet gently cleanses and purifies the scalp.

Menthol / Vitamin B6 / Amino Acids
Once a week, apply to roots of wet hair, lather and pull through lengths. Rinse thoroughly. Step 1: Put Argile Equilibrante on a brush Step 2: Apply it on wet hair on the scalp Step 3: Add a bit of water Step 4: Develop foam Step 5: Massage for 2-3 minutes Step 6: Rinse thoroughly.
Keeping an oily scalp balanced takes more than just regular cleansing. For use once weekly, this clay-infused purifying shampoo comes in a unique creamy green formula with a luxurious, earthy texture. Made with two types of clay for proper oil absorption, plus menthol for a fresh sensation, Argile Équilibrante cleanses gently with just the right amount of care. Hair retains a soft, shiny finish with a long-lasting clean
For the scalp