Genesis Anti-Hair Fall Serum


KWD 21.000


Daily anti-hair fall, fortifying serum for weakened hair

Aminexil 1.5% / Ginger Root / Caffeine
Step 1: Use the Kérastase Genesis Fortifying Serum once daily in the morning or before bedtime during a 6 week period. Step 2: Apply 4 doses on a dry or towel-dried scalp, section by section. Step 3: 1 dose = 1 pipette until the mark Step 4: Massage gently Step 5: Do not rinse
Genesis Serum Anti-chute is a daily serum that gives upto 84% less hair-fall*. It boosts resistance at the scalp, strengthening hair day after day to reduce hair-fall and enhance hair health. Enriched with a potent combination of Aminexil, Edelweiss Native Cells and Ginger Root, this lightweight, silicone-free serum targets and re-anchors hair follicles more solidly into the scalp to minimise breakage. Its jelly-like texture makes application easy and helps avoids any running of the product while soothing and reinforcing the natural protective barrier of the scalp.
For all hair types